Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy

Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy on

SIC Content Distribution website

  1. Ownership of SIC Content Distribution

SIC Content Distribution is a website stored at www.sic.pt/contentdistribution which contains information about content available for commercial purposes.

www.sic.pt/contentdistribution is owned by SIC – SOCIEDADE INDEPENDENTE DE COMUNICAÇÃO, S.A. (“SIC”), based at Estrada da Outurela, 119, 2794-052 Carnaxide, registered at the Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Cascais under the unique license and legal person number 501940626, with the social capital of € 10.328.600,00.

For any clarification related to the website www.sic.pt/contentdistribution and the present terms and conditions of use, privacy policy and cookies, please contact SIC’s Content Sales and Distribution Department at sales@sic.pt.

  1. Purpose and remit of the terms and conditions for SIC Content Distribution

The current terms and conditions of use for SIC Content Distribution apply to website users.

SIC reserves the right to restrict access to SIC Content Distribution or part of that service according to its exclusive criteria, as well as limit the access to SIC Content Distribution to certain commercial or strategic conditions. SIC also reserves the right to change those terms and conditions of use without prior warning, and any changes will be published at www.sic.pt/contentdistribution.

Website users should check the terms and conditions of use for SIC Content Distribution regularly to stay abreast of potential changes.

  1. Information on content and products

Downloadable content can be acquired from the virtual catalogue available from SIC Content Distribution, where it is possible to view one or more images, promotional videos, and a short description of the content.

Any images and videos available on SIC Content Distribution are merely illustrative. Viewing content and additional technical and editorial information on each material may be supplied upon request.

You must not show, transfer, distribute or store the material on SIC Content Distribution for any purpose other than the one agreed upon, except by prior written permission granted by SIC.

All information related to material available on SIC Content Distribution is regularly updated and verified.

SIC may, at any moment, alter all content-related information, images and videos, including their availability and terms of sale.

  1. Intellectual and industrial property

All text, comments, logos, branding, software, videos, illustrations, works, web design and images either reproduced or represented on the SIC Content Distribution website are protected by intellectual property rights worldwide. Therefore, in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights and other applicable laws, their use will only be authorized for the purposes previously agreed upon, except for more limitative clauses present in the legislation. Any total or partial copy or representation of www.sic.pt/contentdistribution or its content is strictly prohibited and will lead to SIC resorting to legal proceedings against those who do so.

Users agree to respect the aforementioned rights in full, as well as refrain from taking any action which might contravene the law, such as copying, selling, broadcasting or making the website’s content available to the general public, or any other unauthorized actions which make use of such content.

Users recognize that any content present in advertising, promotion or any mention of sponsors or advertisers is protected by the law on copyright and related contents, by the laws on industrial property and other property protection laws. Therefore, any use of that content can only occur under prior permission by the copyright holders.

  1. Website users’ obligations

Website users agree to respect and comply with these terms and conditions of use, namely:

  1. Abstaining from introducing, storing or broadcasting on this website any defamatory, obscene, libelous, xenophobic content, and/or other content which violates general rights and public order;
  2. Abstaining from editing, modifying, distributing, decompiling, deconstructing or deriving code, or decrypting or copying (including digital copying) any SIC Content Distribution software or material;
  3. Abstaining from using SIC Content Distribution in any manner which violates any applicable law or regulation, be it illegal or fraudulent, including sending or enabling sending any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional material, or any other similar material (spam email);
  4. Abstaining from deliberately sending any material containing malware, Trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other similarly harmful program or computer code, with the intent to interfere with the normal functioning of SIC Content Distribution.

SIC reserves the right to resort to relevant legal action against those who act against these clauses.

  1. Privacy and personal data protection

SIC is committed to protecting the privacy of SIC Content Distribution users and collects only personal data which has been offered willingly. Any data collected through www.sic.pt/contentdistribution is used for the purposes of processing user questions and communication between SIC and the users, as well as sending subscribed-to newsletters, statistical analysis and its use for direct marketing.

In accordance with applicable law, we inform users that processing any personal data collected through SIC Content Distribution is the responsibility of SIC who, as the entity responsible for its processing, ensures that all data supplied by users remains confidential.

Even though SIC collects and processes data securely, using the recommended technology, when users willingly supply data they should be aware that an open network connection allows the non-secure circulation of personal data, and is at risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

In accordance with applicable laws, users have a right to access, amend and eliminate their personal data, as well as refuse that their personal data be used for commercial purposes. Users who wish, at any moment, to exercise these rights can do so (at no additional cost beyond that of postal communication) via the following:

Email: sales@sic.pt

Post: Estrada da Outurela, 119, 2794-052 Carnaxide, Portugal

After collecting individual personal data which has willingly been made available by the user, SIC will store it and maintain it for the period necessary for its purpose, until otherwise instructed, or until the law demands its deletion. SIC will not sell its user database to third parties, although it is authorized to share personal data with other companies who form part of the IMPRESA group.

SIC guarantees that all appropriate technical measures have been adopted to protect personal data against deletion, modification and/or accidental or unlawful broadcasting.

  1. Cookies policy on SIC Content Distribution

SIC uses cookies on their SIC Content Distribution website to improve its performance and visitor’s experience.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that a website, when visited by a user, loads onto his computer or mobile device through their web navigator (browser). The use of cookies helps the website to recognize the visitor’s device next time he visits.

SIC uses the word cookies in this policy to refer to all the files that gather information in this manner.

The used cookies don’t gather information that identifies the user. The cookies gather general information, like the way users arrive to and use websites or the area of the country/countries through which they access the website, etc.

Cookies only retain information related to user’s preferences.

At any moment, the user may, through his internet navigator (browser) decide to be notified about the reception of cookies, and also block their entry in his system.

The refusal to use cookies on the website, may result in the impossibility to access some of its areas or the reception of personalized information.

What are cookies for

Cookies are used to help determine the use, interest and the number of times websites are used, allowing a faster and more efficient navigation and eliminating the necessity to repeatedly insert the same information.

The Cookies used by SIC have different functions:

- Essential Cookies: Some cookies are essential to access specific areas of the SIC Content Distribution website. They allow navigation on the website and the use of its applications, such as accessing safe areas on the website through a login. Without these cookies, the services that require them cannot be provided.

- Analytical cookies: SIC uses these cookies to analyze the way in which users use the website and to monitor its operation. This allows SIC to provide a high-quality experience by personalizing its offer and rapidly identifying and correcting any problems that may arise. For example, SIC uses performance cookies to find out which are the most popular pages, which method of connection between pages is the most effective, or to determine the reason why some pages are displaying error messages. Based on the website’s use, we may also use these cookies to highlight products or services on the website that we consider to be of user’s interest. These cookies are used only for creative and statistical analysis purposes, without ever gathering information of a personal nature.

- Functionality Cookies: SIC uses functionality cookies to remember user’s preferences. For example, cookies prevent having to type a user’s name each time he visits the website. SIC also uses functional cookies to provide users with advanced services like, for example, to allow the user to comment on a product. In short, functionality cookies save user’s preferences relative to the use of the website, to prevent having to configure the site on every visit.

- Third party cookies: Are used to measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third party publicity.

- Publicity cookies: Are used to direct publicity according to the interests of each user, allowing us to limit the number of times a certain advertisement is viewed. These cookies help measure publicity’s effectiveness.

Publicity cookies on SIC Content Distribution vary regularly.

The used cookies may also be:

- Permanent cookies: Are stored in the internet navigator (browser) of the accessing devices (pc, mobile and tablet) and are used every time the user revisits the website. They are generally used to direct navigation according to the user’s interests, Allowing SIC to offer a more personalized service.

- Session cookies: Are temporary, and only remain in your internet navigator’s (browser) cookies until you leave the website. The acquired information enables us to identify problems and provide a better navigation experience.

The use of cookies may be blocked

After allowing the use of cookies, the user may always disable part or all of the cookies. To do this, the user should follow the instructions on his browser.

SIC reminds that disabling cookies may cause parts of SIC Content Distribution to not function properly.

Use of cookies while opening newsletters and marketing emails from SIC Content Distribution

Newsletters and marketing emails from SIC Content Distribution may, for statistical purposes, contain a single "pixel" that allows us to verify whether they are opened and to verify clicks through links within the newsletter and/or marketing emails.

The user may always disable the sending of the newsletter and/or marketing emails.

For more information about cookies, refer to the following link: www.allaboutcookies.org

  1. Purchase of contents from the SIC Content Distribution catalog

To purchase contents shown in the www.sic.pt/contentdistribution catalog, the visitor should contact SIC’s Distribution Management and Content Sales team via e-mail to the following electronic address sales@sic.pt or voluntarily fill out a form requesting we contact you.

  1. Content availability

SIC does not indiscriminately ensure the availability of all contents. The availability of each content is dependent on the analysis of SIC’s Distribution Management and Content Sales team.

  1. Security and responsibilities

The visitor must respect all applicable legal provisions, and abstain from practicing illegal or morally offensive acts, such as the indiscriminate sending of non-solicited communications (spamming) in disrespect of the applicable legislation concerning the handling of personal data and publicity communications through automatic calling devices.

The visitor expressly understands and accepts that SIC uses a public network for electronic communications which is susceptible to use by several visitors and, as such, subject to network overload, for which SIC does not guarantee provision of the service without interruptions, loss of information or delay.

In case of interruption of the service due to unforeseeable overload of its supporting systems, SIC commits to rectify its operation as soon as possible.

SIC does not ensure, in any way, that:

1. The service shall be provided in an uninterrupted manner, is safe, has no errors or will operate infinitely;

2. The quality of any product, service, information or any other material announced on SIC Content Distribution fulfils any expectations the visitor may have in relation to it.

SIC is not, in any way, responsible for losses or damages resulting from the non-availability or defective availability of the service when the cause is not directly or indirectly imputable to SIC for misconduct or negligence, not taking responsibility for:

1. errors, omissions or other imprecisions referring to the information available through the service;

2. delays, interruptions, errors and suspensions in communications that are originated by factors out of their control, namely, any deficiencies or breaches caused by the communications network or communication services provided by third parties, the computer system, modems, connection software or eventual computer viruses or derived from the “download” through the service of infected files or files containing viruses or other properties that may affect the visitor’s equipment;

3. damages caused by fault of the visitor or third parties, concerning the violation of intellectual property;

4. the non-compliance or defective compliance that may result from the fulfilment of judicial decisions or decisions from administrative authorities;

5. the non-compliance or defective compliance that may result from situations of force majeure, that is, situations of extraordinary or unpredictable nature, exterior to SIC and non-controllable by SIC, such as fires, power cuts, explosions, wars, riots, civil insurrection, government decisions, strikes, earthquakes, floods or other natural cataclysms or other situations out of SIC’s control that may prevent or hinder the fulfilment of their assumed obligations.

The use of SIC Content Distribution for abusive ends is expressly prohibited and SIC reserves the right to resort to the competent legal means to sanction eventual abuse or illegal practices. The consultation of data and information executed in the ambit of this service, is presumed to be executed by the visitor, and SIC declines any responsibility resulting from the abusive or fraudulent use of the obtained information.

In the event of the existence of hyperlinks from other websites that allow access to SIC Content Distribution, SIC clarifies it has no responsibility over the source of the page, or its contents.

  1. Suspension and disabling of SIC Content Distribution

The visitor recognizes SIC’s right to, at any moment (at its own exclusive discretion) discontinue or suspend the availability of the SIC Content Distribution service and/or part of the service to one or all visitors, independently of any previous or posterior communication.

The suspension or termination of the service by SIC, in the described terms, does not afford the visitor or third parties the right to any indemnity or other compensation, and SIC may not be held responsible or in any way burdened, for any consequence resulting from the suspension, annulment or cancellation of the service.

  1. Communications

Communications undertaken between SIC’s Distribution Management and Content Sales team and the visitor shall be made to the email address provided by the visitor (without detriment of other forms of communication specified in the terms and conditions of use).

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present terms and conditions of use, privacy and cookies policies and all purchases carried out on SIC Content Distribution, are subject to Portuguese legislation, and all parties agree that, in case of litigation, the competent court is that of the district of Lisbon.