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The gallop of impala, the racket of the apes, the majesty of the lion, the memory of elephants. Wild animals have returned to find peace in the Gorongosa National Park, in Mozambique.

SIC presents a mini-series of 4 episodes about the revival of wildlife at Gorongosa National Park, deeply affected by 16 years of civil war. Now, 20 years have passed since the peace agreement in Mozambique. By journalist Cândida Pinto, footage by Jorge Pelicano and Bob Pool (awarded in 2011 with an Emmy for the series Great Migrations National Geographic Channel), and edited by Marco Carrasqueira.

EPISODE 01: Return to the Savannah
Wild animals are back to the Gorongosa National Park.
They found conditions to return and start families without the traumas of previous decades. The Park, which met international fame in the 60’s and 70’s, lost about 90% of its animals during the 16 years of civil war in Mozambique.

EPISODE 02:Men and Animals
Within the area of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique live 5 thousand people. At a stage where investments are made so that wild animals start inhabiting the Park again, efforts are developed for people of these communities move into the buffer zone, which surrounds the Park.
A slow, difficult process, that finally begins to bear fruits. It is intended to avoid the conflict between man and wild animal.

EPISODE 03:Scientists in the Park
Ecologically, “Gorongosa is the world's most diverse Park.” Statement by Edward Wilson, American biologist awarded with two Pulitzer prizes. This Harvard professor led a scientific expedition to Gorongosa National Park, in central Mozambique, where he developed his research and discovered new species of
ants. There he collected material and recorded lessons to include in a new digital biology compendium called “Life on Earth”, where Gorongosa is presented as an ecosystem model.

EPISODE 04:Recovering the treasure
There is a man in Gorongosa who planted 85 million trees. Mozambican Peter Muagura fills his life with his great passion for plants, by countering those who take away from the green of central Mozambique.