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Lucky Break did the turnover on Portuguese ratings due to being a truly inspirational and relatable story. It is all about caring and cherishing the most important values in life, “We’re only truly wealthy, when we have everything money can’t buy”.


The once quiet village of Alvorinha is suddenly put on the map when Maria do Céu wins the lottery. She is now one of the richest women in the country and everyone celebrates her victory.
A hard working widow, dear to everyone in town, up until now she made a humble living selling fruit at the market, to support her two children Bruno and Telma while hep her parents.

Telma is good-hearted but is naïve and dreams of fame. She will be ecstatic when she realizes she is rich and will be able to satisfy all her materialistic fantasies. She will fall in love with journalist Ricardo.
Bruno is the opposite, responsible and hardworking. He will have to deal with several challenges, being the biggest girlfriend Jessica's betrayal and finding out if he is the father of the child she carries.

Now that she has money, Céu’s goals are to allow her family live a good life and find her missing son Rafael.
As a pregnant teen the newborn was taken away from her when childhood sweetheart Zé Luís and her family were manipulate by Preciosa, Zé’s mother, to give up the baby for adoption.

Con artists (now Miriam and Jorge) hear the news and decide their next lucky break is Maria do Céu’s millions. They were raised together in a catholic foster home and became professional scammers and fortune hunters. Manipulative and masters of disguise they have been able to get away with their crimes for many years.

One of their biggest score happened in 2006, when they led Fernando Craveiro to bankruptcy. In desperation, the businessman plans to kill the scammers, leaving a letter to his daughter Leonor, explaining everything that happened, but dies in a car accident without being able to take revenge.
Leonor's world collapses with her father's death and the desire for revenge puts her on a mission to seek those who destroyed her family’s life.

Thirteen years later, she finally traces them down in Alvorinha. In her new identity, she is now Alice Barreto.
She will team up with Ricardo to expose the charlatans and deal with the jealousy of Miriam, as her plan of approach will be to charm Jorge.

Maria do Céu will welcome Miriam and Jorge into her world.
Little does she know they will open a pandora’s box, while burning a hole in her pocket.