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Golden Globe Award in the Entertainment category of WORLD MEDIA FESTIVAL in 2017

Bronze winner in the Telenovela category of NEW YORK FESTIVALS® INTERNATIONAL TV & FILM AWARDS in 2016

1st winner for Best National Telenovela of SIC BLOGUE AWARDS in 2016

Selected to be presented in FRESH TV (FICTION) CONFERENCE- MIPCOM in 2014


A lie from the past.
Two children taken by force.
The search and the reunion of a mother and her children.

Leonor Trigo was only 16 years-old when she fell in love with Gonçalo, a 24-year-old famous motorcycle racer who ends up getting her pregnant with twins. Realizing that Gonçalo will never accept the children, she hides her pregnancy from everyone. When Leonor at the end of her pregnancy, her father, Alberto Trigo, discovers the truth and demands that Gonçalo take responsibility. Gonçalo panics for fear of a lawsuit, with the certainty that a scandal of a relationship with a minor would drive sponsors away and cause him serious problems in the family.

Gonçalo turns to a friend who is a doctor and convinces Patrícia Santos – Leonor’s best-friend – to help him. The delivery is made at his friend’s clinic, with the help of the doctor’s wife, nurse Alice Amorim. Leonor is sedated during childbirth. When she wakes up, they don’t tell her she had twins and ensure her that the baby was stillborn. One of the babies (the girl) is handed to Gonçalo’s sister – Amélia – who couldn’t have children of her own. The other baby (the boy) is left by Patrícia at a church.

Sixteen years later, Leonor Trigo (now 32) works as a diving instructor in the Emirates. She never got over the loss of her baby, so it is a great shock when Alice shows up to tell her the truth about that night. Suddenly all her certainties are shaken as Leonor realizes that she gave birth to two healthy children who are probably still alive. Without thinking twice, she immediately decides to return to Portugal in order to search for her children and get revenge from the people who lied to her.

At present Patrícia Santos (34) is married to Gonçalo Queiroz (39) and the two have a daughter together, “Kika” Queiroz (14). Patrícia took advantage of what she knew to blackmail Gonçalo and force him to marry her. They panic when they realize Leonor is back and knows the truth. They are determined to do everything to silence her and by all mean necessary.

On her arrival to Portugal, Leonor also reunites with André Queiroz (34). She was his first crush, who has never truly forgotten her. Leonor comes close to him in order to get more information about her children. Initially, she only intends to use him, but she will eventually fall for him and they will live a beautiful love story.

In the privileged landscape of Sado Estuary, “Salty Sea” is about the fight of a woman in the search for her children. A mirror of the Portuguese reality with contemporary dramas and conflicts along with romance and comedy.





Scene Photo
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Sebastião Querioz (Ricardo Carriço) and Madalena Pelicano (Filipa Areosa)

Scene Photo

Scene Photo
2 / 41

Tina Santos ( Ines Castel-Branco) and Cremilde Santos (Maria João Abreu)

Scene Photo

Scene Photo
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Tina Santos ( Inês Castel-Branco) and Joni Loureiro (Gonçalo Diniz)

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Scene Photo
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Trigo Brothers - Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and Diogo Trigo (Sisley Dias) - Dubai

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Scene Photo
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Trigo Brothers - Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and Diogo Trigo (Sisley Dias) - Dubai

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Scene Photo
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Trigo Brothers - Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and Diogo Trigo (Sisley Dias)

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Christian Gnad

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Trigo Family

Scene Photo

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Amélia Queiroz (Maria João Pinho) and Martim Vaz ( Joaquim Horta)

9 / 41

Carlota Vaz (Inês Aguiar) and Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova)

10 / 41

Carlota Vaz (Ines Aguiar) and Tiago Cunha (João Maneira)

11 / 41

Carlota Vaz (Inês Aguiar)

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Cunha Family - Catarina (Sofia Sá Bandeira) and Tiago (João Maneira)

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Diving school Scene

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Gonçalo Queiroz (José Fidalgo) and Amélia Queiroz (maria joão Pinho)

15 / 41

Gonçalo Queiroz (José Fidalgo) and Patricia (Joana Santos)

16 / 41

Gonçalo Queiroz (José Fidalgo) and Patricia (Joana Santos)

17 / 41

Gonçalo Queiroz (José Fidalgo)

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Lataria do Sado Scene

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Leonor Trigo ( Margarida Villanova) and Miguel Castro (Angelo Rodrigues ) - Dubai

20 / 41

Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and André Queiroz (Ricardo Pereira)

21 / 41

Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and André Queiroz (Ricardo Pereira)

22 / 41

Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and Carlota Vaz (Ines Aguiar)

23 / 41

Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and Patricia(Joana Santos)

24 / 41

Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and Patricia(Joana Santos)

25 / 41

Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and Patricia (Joana Santos)

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Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova)

27 / 41

Leonor Trigo and Gonçalo Queiroz

28 / 41

Leonor Trigo and Gonçalo Queiroz

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João (António Fonseca) , Leonor Trigo (Margarida Villanova) and Idelinda (Ângela Pinto)

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Maternity Scene

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Market Scene

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Patricia Santos (Joana Santos)

33 / 41

Patricia Santos (Joana Santos) and André Queiroz (Ricardo Pereira)

34 / 41

Pedro Pimenta (João Arrais) and Elsa Rocha (Raquel Oliveira)

35 / 41

Pimenta Family - João (António Fonseca), Idalinda (Angela Pinto), Messias (TiagoT.Pereira) Vitória (Ana Guiomar)

Scene Photo
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Queiroz Brothers - Andre, Amélia, Gonçalo.jpg

Scene Photo

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Querioz Family - Racetrack

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Querioz Family (Gonçalo, André, Amélia, Patricia) and Leonor Trigo

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Querioz Famly - Frederico, Andre, Amelia, Gonçalo, Martim, Carlota e Kika

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Rocha Family - Elsa (Raquel Oliveira), Xavier (Marco Costa) and Júlia (Sandra Barata Belo)

41 / 41

Santos Family - Adelaide (Margarida Carpinteiro), Rogério (joão Baião), Cremilde Santos (Maria João Abreu)