Timeless Love



Timeless Love




110 EPS x 45’ [TBC]



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GOLD MEDAL WINNER in Entertainment -Telenovelas category at the 25th WORLD MEDIA FESTIVALS


The Torres are wine producers and the most powerful family in Vila Santa. The patriarch Fernando, born in the village, is known by all as a fair and benevolent man, quite different from the other heirs: his children and grandchildren.
Each of the Torres' heirs aspires to be Fernando's successor, but he trusts no one except his grandson Vasco, the only one who stays out of the family wars and who has been traveling the world. Now the patriarch feels he needs to prepare his succession and asks Vasco to come home. Caetana, Vasco's sister, is the one who feels most threatened and will do anything to get to power and keep her brother out of the way.
Meanwhile, when Vasco returns to Vila Santa, he runs into Catarina Valente, the daughter of the maid who mysteriously disappeared from the Torres' farm. Just out of jail, Catarina demands to know what happened to her mother. The police rule out a murder and claim that Leonor has decided to leave her job and her family. But Jorge Valente, Catarina's father, is convinced that his wife is dead and blames Torres' family. To find out the truth, Catarina moves to Vila Santa and infiltrates the Torres' farm to investigate. This is how Catarina falls in love with Vasco, but it’s hard to ignore that he’s part of the family that "stole" her mother.
Catarina's family, on the other hand, is a real troublemaker. The Valente's are broke, living off scams and petty theft, with Catarina trying to keep them from committing crimes and getting caught up in the trouble they get into. While she tries to get the family on track, to raise and protect her younger sister, her father is always getting into trouble.
The story will focus on the love between Catarina and Vasco, the search for Leonor, the Valente family’s troubles and the secrets and wars of Torres, a family in which everyone fights and betrays each other in order to have more power.

A story about love, justice, and fight for power.